Geographical position

When one needs to define the geographical location of a certain region, area or settlement, using modern technology, it is sufficient to point an interested person to the web page   and they will, with a little knowledge of the internet, be able to identify and assess the desired location on planet earth, and on which continent and country it is located.

If you want to assess the geographical location of Malovan you need to be careful, since under that name you could identify similarly named places on Kosmaj, by Zavidović, or on Velebit not far from Knin, apart from the one at Kupres.

In southeast Europe, in the south-western area of the Balkans, and the southwest of Bosnia-Hercegovina ranges the Kupres plateau comprising four fields; Kupres, Blagaj, Ravanj and Vukovsko Fields. Each of these fields is like a spacious amphitheatre enclosed by mountains.

Malovan mountain with its peaks Gola Kosa, Sedlo and Veliki (Great) Malovan is the south-western boundary of Kupres Field. At 1828m Malovan is one of the tallest peaks of the Kupres plateau whereas Gornji (Upper) and Donji (Lower) Malovan lie at an average of 1150m above sea level.

Mentioning Malovan we mustn't forget Hrbine which played an important part in World War II. Hrbine lie behind Malovan, and are characterised as a waterless plateau which lies between Kupres and Glamoč Fields.

Below Upper Malovan flows the river Milac. The Milac flows slowly and meanderingly through the central part of Kupres Fields and disappears in so called Ponorima under Upper Malovan , appearing in Stržanj as the river Stržanj, or Šujica.

The climate is sharp, mountain-Alp-like with an average yearly temperature of 5.7°C. Annually the average rainfall is 141 days, snowy days in the year total 55, and the average snowfall rarely falls below 25cm. Due to strong mountain winds it can become very cold, and snowstorms are common.

For those born on the slopes of this beautiful mountain there exists an unmistakable way to identify their Malovan:

Arriving from the direction of Bugojno and exiting the tunnel at Kupreška vrata (Kupres gate) look towards the southwest; when coming from the direction of Livno and ascending the incline above Borovo Polje look north, or when arriving from Posušje and Duvno look towards the southwest; and when in your breast something moves and trembles - that is Malovan.

Malovan is a trembling in your breast.


Malovan on the map