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Get to know with Malovan

About Malovan

In South-Eastern Europe, in the south-western part of the Balkans, in the south-western part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Kupres plateau is comprised of four karst fields: Kupreško Polje, Blagajsko Polje, Ravanjsko Polje and Vukovsko Polje. Each of these fields is like a spacious amphitheater fenced by the mountains.

Malovan Mountain with the peaks of Gol Kos, Sedlo and Veliki Malovan is the south-western border of the Kupres polje. Malovan with 1828 m is one of the highest peaks on the Kupres plateau, while the villages of Gornji and Donji Malovan lie at an average altitude of 1150 m.

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How to find Malovan?

For those born on the slopes of this beautiful mountain there is an unmistakable way to identify your Malovan.

When coming from the direction of Bugojno, you leave the Kupres Gate tunnel and look in the direction of the south-west, when coming from the direction of Livno you climb the overpass above Boro Polje and look in the direction of the north or when you come from the direction of Posušje and Duvno look in the direction north-west and when your chest strongly plays - it blinks, it's Malovan.

Malovan people

On our web site you can find out more information about Malovan families, from where they originate, which parts of Malavan are inhabited or resettled, and who celebrate glory.

The following Malovan surnames are included:
Bajilo, Vavan, Despinić, Duvnjak, Zjajić, Ivaz, Kanlić, Kolonja, Marić, Mašić, Rađen, Knežević, Kozomara, Šešum, Zalad, Zelen, Milinović, Rudić, Cvijetić, Alilej and Ursa.

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Learn more about the inhabitants of Malovan and their origins.

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Malovan on the map

This site is dedicated to the people of the karst region and the rocky people who through centuries managed to survive and survive in this region, preserve their faith, their customs and traditions, but in the distant world of many who suffer for their home village, Malovan often wanted to return, to freely breathe the charms of Malovan beautiful mountains and the smell of its floral field, the strength of the bush from Malovan, to see the herds countless, the horses of the crows unharnessed with the straight Kupres field playful, the bark dots where the green grass is hair, and it remains only to us we often go there now, but now there is silence everywhere.
We are left alone, our village, our native lump, and we are wondering about the outbreaks of the Malovan Sun and gave it the same morning as it used to be. We will remember forever our village Malovan, the Milač River clear and cold, and the Malovan portal that feeds and keeps our Malovan memorial.

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